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A Common Estate Plan Includes: 1. A Last Will and Testament is a legal instrument that enables the testator to make decisions on how their estate (assets) will be distributes after your death 2. A Power of Attorney is a legal document created to name someone you trust as your agent to handle your financial and business affairs 3. A Health Care Surrogate is a legal document that is created to designate someone you trust to make your medical decisions and documents your specific health care wishes 4. A living will is a legal document that is created to ensure your dying process will not be artificially prolonged


Who needs an estate plan?

Estate planning and administration are areas of the law that affect everyone. Estate Planning provides you with the choice of designating what kinds of care you do or do not want in the event that you are in a vegetative state. A will also enables you to care for your family and loved ones after you are gone. You have worked hard for your estate and your self-determination so protect your wishes, assets, and anything worth value to you with the help of a firm that's been working hard for its clients for over 90 years.

What should I include in my plan?

Whether you need sophisticated estate tax planning to avoid hefty tax bills or simple provisions to preserve assets from the astronomical costs of nursing home care, the professionals at our firm have the experience and expertise to take your background, needs, and goals into focus and never stray from the fact that your needs set our course!